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The last four years has being crazy…… with my dad passing away, full time job, full time student, pregnancy and then to top it off planning my upcoming wedding I had a lot going on. After I had the baby I wanted to get into shape because I gained a solid 65 pounds throughout my pregnancy and I wanted it well……gone to say the least. With the help of my awesome friend and great trainer Stephanie Brown, all bets were going towards me losing this weight and helping with so many other issues that evolved through these tough times.  I successfully lost 50 pounds of the weight that I gained and I had an amazing wedding and it was worth all of the hard work that I put into each and every day. I will always remember the dedication and support I was given through all of these times and I feel blessed everyday for where I am now. Realgirlsfitness is a true supporter of the REAL woman and what we all have to do on a daily basis to keep us on the right path.

- Lindsey | RGF Member


"...I love how much healthier, stronger and more energetic I feel and I’m inspired to keep trying new approaches (like Monster Boxing, or Krav Maga, or even Kettlebell training) to stay motivated to being active and have fun while I’m doing it. Working out isn’t that thing I’ll fit into my schedule “whenever” anymore; it’s that thing I work the rest of my schedule around because it’s that important to me again. I can honestly say that I would not have made this kind of progress or this full‐scale return to an active, healthy lifestyle without Stephanie Brown. She's Awesome!"

- Liane T. | Aerospace Engineer